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Grass-fed beef bottom round roast with Turmeric

This is a super easy recipe. The grass-fed meat is full of  good fats and the spice Turmeric is a superfood that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

All food fats are a blend of  saturated and unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats include poly-and monounsaturated fats both Omega 3’s and 6’s ( I am going to focus on Omega 3’s.)   Omega-3s are polyunsaturated fats, called essential because we have to get them from food.   Another example of Omega 3 is cod liver oil which is also an anti-inflammatory and good for protecting your brain.  Most of your brain is made up of fat and it needs fat to function at top performance.

So Why are Omega 3 Fatty Acids Important?

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for normal growth (brain) and may play an important role in the prevention of some diseases.  There is also information about how essential fatty acids (omega 3’s) help with focus and learning.  This is something we could all use some extra support in-protecting our brain with oil that will also help learning and focus!

Grass-fed beef is loaded with other natural minerals and vitamins.  It is also a great source of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) a fat that may reduce the risk of cancer and obesity.   I have read that CLA can diminish cellulite I believe I read that on search for yourself!

Grass-fed beef bottom round roast with onions and Turmeric


one) 2-4 pound grass-fed roast (tougher cuts are better for this recipe)

Six organic onions, sliced

Two tablespoons organic red palm oil (available at This Virgin Palm Oil is palm oil that is traditionally made and maintains the natural nutrients of carotenes (precursors to Vitamin A) and the antioxidant tocotrienols (Vitamin E).

1/4 cup, chopped fresh ginger root

Unrefined sea salt ( Celtic or Himalayan), pepper to taste.  The unrefined sea salt is full of minerals

One tablespoon Bragg’s apple cider vinegar

One tablespoon  Arrowroot-this is used for thickening but is also very easy to digest

One cup filtered water (I used Kangen water but any filtered or spring water is perfect!)

1/2 teaspoon of Turmeric powder (or more to taste, this spice has a distinctive taste, it is so good for your liver!)


Place sliced onions in the bottom of a Dutch oven or stock pot.  Season the roast with unrefined sea salt and pepper, and place on top of the onions. Add the vinegar to the pan, and heat over high heat to get it simmering. Reduce heat to low, cover, and simmer for 3 to 4 hours. Try not to take the lid off while cooking.  You can also cook this in a crock pot if you desire.

When the roast is done, remove it and the onions and ginger from the pan to a serving platter. Mix the Arrowroot  into the cup of  water, and pour into the drippings from the roast. Simmer over medium heat, stirring frequently until thickened. Carve roast, and serve with the pan gravy.  I  serve this with lacto-fermented cabbage and some broccoli.

Local and humanely raised grass-fed beef

Local grass-fed beef with ginger root, onions and Turmeric


Spring liver detox-add the spice Turmeric into your diet!

For several thousand years, cultures from around the world have used naturally occurring dietary components which have been discovered to be biologically active. Some are plant based (such as Turmeric) and others are fermented foods (such as Kombucha and Kefir). The plant-derived chemicals found in Turmeric have generated considerable interest recently for their potential to combat human diseases such as cancer, inflammation, and atherosclerosis. Curcumin, Turmeric’s active ingredient, is a chemical of the polyphenol family derived from the rhizome Curcuma longa L—the underground stem of Turmeric.
Turmeric is the liver’s favorite spice. Try adding some of this detoxifying goodness into your next soup, stew or vegetable dish for an instant liver pick-me-up. Turmeric may help your liver detox on it’s own by assisting enzymes that actively flush out carcinogens in your diet. Turmeric’s beneficial effects on the liver include stimulating bile flow and improving fat metabolism. Turmeric also has strong properties protecting the liver from a number of toxic compounds.
Curcumin is present in the spice turmeric, which is frequently used in Indian food. It is Curcumin’s chemical makeup that is responsible for the yellow coloring of turmeric, and thus the yellow of mustard and curries. With the medical and cultural responses to turmeric, I highly recommend working the yellowy goodness into your spring diet, from soups to morning juices. Happy Spring cleaning.

Liver boost-Turmeric

Powerful Liver protection-Turmeric

My greatest effect on others happens, ironically, not by controlling them. But by controlling myself. Kirk Martin of Celebrate Calm

I just finished an on line class called BootCamp with Kirk Martin from  What does this have to do with food and Autism?  A lot!  Most parents can admit to (or maybe not) feeling overwhelmed by rearing their kids or life in general.  It is almost easier to blame others for our misfortune and everyone gets slammed in life.  You cannot avoid it.  However, as I learned from Kirk, it is our OWN anxiety that causes us to do the things we do.  When you get yourself in a calm place (I needed help to do this!) your life will change for the better.

Kirk Martin shares such insight to life.  I only wish I had found him sooner!

Green Detox Juice and Smoothies

I love smoothies and I love anything green because it is so serene.  My kids love green juices and smoothies too but that was not always the case.  I had to initially coach them and provide positive reinforcement until we reached a point where it became a natural part of their diet.

My twins were sick with messed up digestive tracts which  included diarrhea, constipation with large extended guts.   Although their language was very limited at best, I knew they had receptive language and understood when I would say things like; “this drink will help your tummy feel better and make you feel better and able to talk to me.”    Today they are very typical kids, except for the fact that they are very sophisticated eaters.  Gone are the days of eating 5 things that were all beige in color.  Gone is the constipation and diarrhea.  And I contribute it all to eating better foods.  What are some of those foods?  Lacto-fermented drinks such as kombucha, Grainfield’s drinks, vegetables and good fats like unrefined coconut oil, grass fed beef tallow and Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil.

With that said; here is a great recipe for a Green Juice that detoxes which can also be prepared as a smoothie;

Green Juice; makes 2-4 ounce juice-put the following ingredients in a juicer and press through.    You may add some water if you need to.  If you want to make this in a blender, add all ingredients and blend until smooth. I use a Vita-Mix to blend mine.

Ingredients:  4 organic green apples, 1 handful organic parsley, 1 handful cilantro, 1 cucumber

Liver love!

Spring internal detoxification

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year and especially this year after my first rainy winter in Portland.  Note, to self, save all your extra sheckles and go on a winter vacation for some SUN next year!

I am in the process of  doing a cleanse on my family.  The boys have recovered from Autism. They do not exhibit any of the odd behaviors they use to have as well as some of the gut distress they had.  We have been able to heal their bodies as much as possible with homemade foods made from organic, locally grown foods as well as some biomedical therapies.  It is spring and we all definitely need a liver and kidney cleanse.  For us, one of the easiest ways to begin doing that is by juicing.  I actually use my Vita-Mix blender for that because that way the juice keeps all of the pulp and fiber in the drink.

The detoxification process ( kidney, liver and gall bladder function) is a very important bodily process, especially for Americans suffering toxic overload from compromised foods, air, and water – just to name a few.  In Eastern medicine, spring is the time to flush your liver.

Some of the best foods to incorporate into your diet are:

  • Dark green vegetables – kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts
  • Seaweed
  • Leeks, onions and garlic
  • Green and chamomile tea
  • Flaxseed, olive and fish oils – all other oils should be shelved during a cleanse
  • Juices – freshly made from carrots, beets, green apples and ginger, lettuce, cilantro and parsley
  • Enjoy the Sun and flowers as they start to bloom!

    What do Autism, Asperger’s, ADD, and for that matter the rest of us have in common with the book French Woman Don’t Get Fat?

    I really liked both the original book French Woman Don’t Get Fat and the sequel French Woman For All Seasons by Mireille Guilaiano.  The premise of the book (s) if you haven’t read them is that french woman don’t get fat.  The author describes her lifestyle and that of all french woman she knows and that is many!  She tells about getting daily exercise (walking her neighborhood), eating foods that are locally grown and portion sizes that are appropriate not Gargantuan like most restaurants serve in the United States.  But the most interesting thing to me is the cleansing ideas she has in the book.  That is the area that ties Autism (Asperger’s, ADD, Alzimeimer’s Parkinson’s, and for that matter all of us!) together.

    There are two foods that she uses in the book that are wonderful for internal cleansing.  One is Magical Leek Soup (broth) and the other one is Dandelion Salad.  Leeks may regulate and stabilize the levels of blood sugar in the body (most of us do get hypoglycemic after not eating after 2-3 hours) and they are a good source of folate which is essential in the body’s process of detoxification. They do not have the same antibacterial properties of garlic, but they do have similar cancer fighting benefits.

    The dandelion is viewed completely different in France than it is in most parts of the U.S.   The French cherish the dandelions.

    I am going to pick some Dandelions and make a few things out of them.  I am thinking tea for sure and then perhaps a salad.  I know they are bitter!  Why would I want to do this?  From what I have read, the Dandelion has remarkable nutritional value, being very high in vitamins A and C, with more beta carotene than carrots and more potassium than broccoli or spinach.  Dandelions are considered very safe and effective as a general tonic that helps strengthen the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, stomach, and intestines,  improving bile flow and reducing inflammation in cases of hepatitis and cirrhosis.  Dandelions also help to dissipate gallstones and are believed to improve kidney function.

    Now off to pick some dandelions and look up some recipes.  I wonder what Dandelion kombucha would taste like?  Off to pick more um, weeds……

    Spring cleaning toxins from your body with Modifilan

    This article is taken from the website    The seaweed product was made by scientists to deal with the Chernobyl accident.


    This site is dedicated to the promotion of a unique nutritional product called MODIFILAN, a concentrated brown seaweed extract. It is a natural food supplement which contains several organic elements found to be very beneficial to our health.

    MODIFILAN was developed in Russia by a group of scientists who worked in the State Rehabilitation Institute, where victims of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe underwent treatment. The healing qualities of seaweed had been known for centuries, so the Russian government instructed scientists to find an effective and powerful remedy for the radiation poisoning of that particular population. After trying out various forms of algae, one type yielded the best scientific data for this purpose. It was the brown seaweed known as Laminaria japonica, which grows wild in the northern Pacific Ocean off the coast of uninhabited islands far to the east of Russia, known as the Kurils.

    One of the main qualities of Laminaria is its high content of alginates, which are enhanced by the extraction process used to produce MODIFILAN. Alginates are the most effective organic elements that enable the human body to get rid of heavy metals and toxins. Not all “algae” have alginates; blue or green algae does not. According to scientific testing, only this brown seaweed does! The unique methods of extraction, as well as the quality of this seaweed, are key. MODIFILAN has up to 50% of the highest quality alginates.

    The low-temperature processing of MODIFILAN causes a sloughing off of the heavy outer fibers of the seaweed, while retaining the essential properties of the plant. This process further enhances its bioavailability, making the Laminaria more digestible. Forty pounds of raw Laminaria are required to make one pound of MODIFILAN. Eating 8 capsules of extract a day provides the same amount of good, organic micro- and macro-elements contained in entire plate of this nutrient-rich seaweed. And, it is not cooked. The oldest Japanese recipes of preparing seaweed tell us to eat seaweed raw, rather than cooked. Modern science affirms that an anti-cancer substance called Fucoidan, as well as beneficial polysaccharides, will break down if the seaweed is cooked. This was determined when studies were performed on the Japanese island of Okinawa, known for its lowest cancer death rate in Japan.

    Our intention, through our internet presence, is to introduce MODIFILAN and provide education about its many benefits. In the following pages, you will find much important information about this very special nutritional product – such as, studies done on MODIFILAN, other scientific data, testimonials from doctors, and personal experiences from customers who have chosen MODIFILAN as their answer for healthy living.

    Modifilan-seaweed that rocks!