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As I write this, reports are escalating about the sharp and dangerous rise in autism and the theories behind the potential causes. A cultural shift in the last few years has brought the topic of environmental toxins and vaccines to the forefront of the public’s attention, right alongside genetic predisposition, as a possible cause of autism. I believe that all of these factors contribute in varying degrees to the rise in autism. However, my purpose in writing this blog is to address recovery, rather than cause. As a mother of twin boys, both of whom were diagnosed on the autistic spectrum at the age of two-and-a-half, I have struggled through the recovery process, often resorting to a trial and error approach in treating my boys. I do not consider myself a “super-mom,” nor am I a crusader in the pursuit of fighting the often narrow mindedness of hard-line advocates of conventional medicine. I am, however, thoroughly convinced that autism is a disease, as opposed to a disability, and that it can be cured.  And what easier way to cure than to use FOOD and LOVE!



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  1. Hi there Jane!

    My name is Steve Walters and I recently started blogging at http://www.eatingbangkok.com, which is currently being updated with recipes, but in the next few months will be my vehicle for covering the food and restaurant scene in Bangkok Thailand.

    I am now in the process of meeting as many food bloggers as I can and I found your site https://janecasey.wordpress.com recently and was pretty impressed. I’ve added your site to my Foodie Blogs list here: http://www.eatingbangkok.com/foodie-blogs/ and would also like to add you to my blogroll.

    If you could add my site to your blogroll and write back to let me know it has been added I will add you to mine as well and the exchange would be greatly appreciated!

    As you might imagine I am very excited to get moved to Bangkok and get started on covering the food scene there as I feel it is an area that isn’t well covered by English speaking bloggers. I plan on adding loads of great reviews, pictures and even video and will be holding contests as well. It should be fun, entertaining and informative for everyone that visits.

    Thank you so much in advance for adding me to your blogroll and I look forward to reading your posts (I’ve subscribed!) and maybe even featuring some of your own posts as I do plan on a weekly roundup of Thai themed recipes and posts from other food bloggers.

    Warm regards,

    P.S. If you are on Twitter I would love to have you as a follower and I follow back:


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