What do Autism, Asperger’s, ADD, and for that matter the rest of us have in common with the book French Woman Don’t Get Fat?

I really liked both the original book French Woman Don’t Get Fat and the sequel French Woman For All Seasons by Mireille Guilaiano.  The premise of the book (s) if you haven’t read them is that french woman don’t get fat.  The author describes her lifestyle and that of all french woman she knows and that is many!  She tells about getting daily exercise (walking her neighborhood), eating foods that are locally grown and portion sizes that are appropriate not Gargantuan like most restaurants serve in the United States.  But the most interesting thing to me is the cleansing ideas she has in the book.  That is the area that ties Autism (Asperger’s, ADD, Alzimeimer’s Parkinson’s, and for that matter all of us!) together.

There are two foods that she uses in the book that are wonderful for internal cleansing.  One is Magical Leek Soup (broth) and the other one is Dandelion Salad.  Leeks may regulate and stabilize the levels of blood sugar in the body (most of us do get hypoglycemic after not eating after 2-3 hours) and they are a good source of folate which is essential in the body’s process of detoxification. They do not have the same antibacterial properties of garlic, but they do have similar cancer fighting benefits.

The dandelion is viewed completely different in France than it is in most parts of the U.S.   The French cherish the dandelions.

I am going to pick some Dandelions and make a few things out of them.  I am thinking tea for sure and then perhaps a salad.  I know they are bitter!  Why would I want to do this?  From what I have read, the Dandelion has remarkable nutritional value, being very high in vitamins A and C, with more beta carotene than carrots and more potassium than broccoli or spinach.  Dandelions are considered very safe and effective as a general tonic that helps strengthen the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, stomach, and intestines,  improving bile flow and reducing inflammation in cases of hepatitis and cirrhosis.  Dandelions also help to dissipate gallstones and are believed to improve kidney function.

Now off to pick some dandelions and look up some recipes.  I wonder what Dandelion kombucha would taste like?  Off to pick more um, weeds……


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